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Mongolia ShinYi Energy” Co.,Ltd.hereby publishes an international tender for Exploration Service of Determining mineral horizons and Defining drill points, which will be executed by satellite remote sensing technology in #24 block of Mongolia territory, hopefully and welcome those companies who are professional and interested in this project and have this intention will enthusiastically participate this bidding.


Name of Project:


Determining of mineral horizon and defining drill points by satellite remote sensing technology in Dari Ganga #24 block of Mongolia


Serial No. of Project: msye-01/2016


Price of Tender Documents: 500 US dollars should be transferred into account number 5178006015(USD account No.) of Khan Bank of Mongolia, which is the opening bank of Mongolia ShinYi Energy Co., Ltd.


Deadline of this tender: before 24:00 on December 10, 2016


Block Position:  Sukhbaatar Province of Mongolia



Block Area: 16916 km2


Tenderer shall submit following documents:


1.  The recent three years’ financial and audit reports

2.  A certificate that attested no record in defaulting tax dues

3.  A notarized copy of business license

4.  Certificate of funding capability

5.  Description of facility and equipment

6.  Introduction of technology

7.  Introduction of labor force and technicians as well as copy of their qualification certificate


8.  Brief introduction of previous successful cases.

9.  A notarized copy of qualification certificate of tenderer


Requirements on project


1.  Shall adopt the most advanced technology.


2.  Shall be beneficial for environmental protection.

3.  Shall exactly determine position of mineral horizon

4.  Shall exactly define drill points


5.  Shall negotiate and confirm pilot block according to geological date and information


6.  Geological exploration report of pilot block shall be submitted on or before May 15 of 2017


7.  After drilling well according to the drill points that defined by tenderer, daily output of single well can reach more than 30 barrels, moreover, production well with the same output can be amounted to 60% of all drilled wells, then the exploration service can be deemed as successful.


8.  If exploration service in the pilot block can be prove accurate and successful, then exploration work will be carried out in remaining block area.


9.  If exploration work results of the tenderer are out of requirements of tenderee, then tenderer will be 100% responsible for this risk.


10. No matter work result of tenderer is within requirement of tenderee or not, relevant exploration data and reports shall be submitted to tenderee.




Contact: Mr.Hu Hong Yu

General Manager of Mongolia ShinYi Energy Co., Ltd.


Tel: 86-13478040111; 976-89256777

E-mail address:


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